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The Food!

No dieting. No starvation. No injections. No supplements.
No Calorie Counting. No specialty foods.

A Real Food Approach to Weight Control & Wellness

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Meal Plans

Healthy Gut = Healthy Weight

The MODA Meal Plan is a microbial methodology to weight control: healthy gut = healthy weight. It is a flexible, sensible, sustainable meal plan designed to eat in the real world without restricting what you eat. 

​It's based on eating real food at proper intervals. The plan is designed to fill you up with the right kind of foods to keep you satisfied. It includes protein, complex carbohydrates and dietary fats. And yes, you can eat carbs such as fruits, whole grains, least-processed breads, various pastas, brown rice, other starchy food such as potatoes and a moderate amount of alcohol.  It's a real food approach to wellness.

​BTW no calorie counting, supplements or specialty foods required. All the food you will eat can be found in a typical supermarket. 

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“All disease begins in the gut”

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Contact Tony

Culinary Nutritionist & Former Fat Guy

To discuss your situation & objectives.

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How I Did It?

I lost my weight in the same way I gained it: with a fork and knife

I reversed chronic metabolic diseases in the same way they were caused: with a fork and knife. 

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Do not dig your grave with your own knife and fork.

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Let’s Discuss Your Situation & Objectives

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DIETs are

Dead In Every Turn

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