Customized, Client-Focused Support

You are not a widget and I won't treat you like one. While most programs are clearly sales focused, MODA is a client focused weight loss program for men.


Asking For Help Is Not A Sign Of Weakness; It’s A Sign Of Strength.

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MODA Support

Customized, Client-Focused Support

One-on-One Support

3 Sessions $249 + HST

Weight Loss Meal Plans Designed For Men: With ongoing, customized support to meet your schedule and requirements. Contact me to learn more.

Group Support Membership (On Line)

3 MO $349 + HST
6 MO $589 + HST 
12 MO $989 + HST

A online community of like-minded individuals who share the common interest of sustaining a healthy body weight.

Each workshop is geared towards planning, strategizing, celebrating successes and accountability with a weekly weigh in.

Contact Me to Check out a Free Workshop.


Remote Support


YES! You Get to Eat

Pretty Darn Well Too

No dieting. No starvation. No injections. No supplements. No specialty foods.

A common sense approach to sustained weight loss & wellness.


The MODA Meal Plan is a Microbial Methodology to Weight Control.

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Let's Chat

A Free 30 Minute Evaluation with Tony

​While most programs are clearly sales focused, MODA is a client focused weight loss program for men.

Let's explore more about your current situation, objectives, weight history, challenges, objectives and answer your questions.

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Check out a Free Workshop or Set up a Free Evaluation Session.

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MODA for MEN Weight Loss

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Customized, Client-Focused Support

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