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You Are Worth It! Aren’t You?

You Are Worth It! Aren’t You?
You Are Worth It! Aren’t You?
Self-Worth: “A sense of one's own value as a human being”Merriam Webster

The second MODA Pillar is Belief in a Better Me: I am deserving and capable of a better self. Before you become a member of MODA or a coaching client, I enjoy having a conversation with you. I wish to learn more about you, your situation, your weight history, your challenges, your lessons learned and your objectives, but I also wish to learn your state or readiness. While I prefer everyone be 100% committed from Day One, I’m a realist and realize that’s not always going to be the case. Why? Well, I was not 100% committed. Quite frankly, I just didn’t want to get fatter and if I could go from 300+ pounds to 250 hey that be great.

What I have realized is poor self-esteem and self-worth manifests as a lack of readiness. Many of us have struggled with weight all our lives as early as childhood – we’ve been bullied, pushed around, treated as second-class citizens, abused verbally and maybe even physically. As a result we may feel we are not worthy of a better self. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every one of us is deserving and capable of a healthier, happier life. Sometimes we conceal the lack of self-worth with excuses such as “I’m too busy,” “I’m too old,” “It’s complicated,” “I have too much stress,” etc.

The path to a healthier weight is to move away from dieting and pledge to a new lifestyle. With that commitment in our hearts – the seed of change as I like to think of it – then change is much more likely to stick. We must commit to the time required to make the change, to allow that seed of change to sprout and grow. We must nurture it correctly to help ensure it is strong and lasting. Otherwise it’s just surface change and that will wash away.

While I may not have been 100% committed to this journey when I first walked into a big and tall clothing store in March 2010 and realized I need 50" pants, I swore I would never ever be in the 50’s and I mean I literally swore. As I began to make incremental lifestyle changes, I soon came to genuinely believe I was fully capable of achieving and, more importantly, sustaining a much healthier body weight for life.

At MODA, the I AM The Priority flag hangs from the rafters at the front of the room and we have the I AM The Priority medallion to continuously remind us of the importance of prioritize our health and wellness.

The journey gave me a new sense of My Self. I spent the first 37 years of my life feeling I was neither capable nor worthy of a better me.

What does a new sense of My Self mean? First, notice I capitalize My Self and separate ‘My’ from ‘Self’ as if it were the name of a person. My Self is someone I treat with the same respect and consideration I give to someone I love.


Self-worth means I energize my body with long bike rides and daily walks preferably in nature. Self-worth means I disconnect from work and technology for periods of the day to allow my brain to recharge.


Self-worth means I avoid excessive exposure to media, especially just before bed. Self-worth means I rest my body with adequate sleep. Self-worth means I work towards improvement in areas of my life that concern me. Self-worth means I have significantly reduced the negative self-talk and chatter. Self-worth means I don’t compromise my morals. I don’t hang around with people that suck energy from me; I think of them as BNI “batteries not included” people. I don’t associate with questionable individuals or organizations with a lack of integrity.

Self-worth means I surround myself with like mind people, folks who embrace life and healthy living, those who do not criticize my decision of self-care and wellness. For those who choose to piss in my oatmeal, they can go play on the freeway.

The journey requires us to believe and create a new identity with Our Self physically, spiritually and emotionally.


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