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With the right WHY, any HOW is possible.

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

With the right WHY, any HOW is possible By Tony Vassallo
The Why by Tony Vassallo

We need a reason to change. “What’s your why?” is the driving force behind change: it’s what will motivate us from our current state and propel us into where we want to go.

I’m willing to bet The Why is festering inside us for a while and then one day it rises to the surface seemingly out of nowhere. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to harness that moment and hold on to it as a vision of hope as hope anchors the soul. It’s been little over a decade since I hit my breaking point inside the fitting room of a big and tall clothing store: the inability to squeeze into a 48-inch pant. It hit me like a tonne of bricks. I had a vision of every transition of pant sizes that seemed to go unnoticed over the last fifteen years of my life. Going from a 36-, 38-, 40-, 42-, 44-, 46-, 48-inch waist and now the big 50 inches. Holy cow! Ok, I used much more vulgar language than that.

"Defining moments are far more than simple insights. Regrettably, most of our insights – our aha moments – fade over time because, mired in comfort of the familiar, we don’t treat them with the respect they deserve. A defining moment is a singular burst of insight in which we choose to embark in a new direction. All that is required to break new ground is our willful intention to do so."

Mel Schwartz, The Possibility Principle

In my head, I plotted the future: a visual of a larger waist, fear of the future, fear of gaining more weight. It hit me, I went from a 36 in my early twenties to a 50 in my late thirties, the future trend became so vivid, and where would I be in five or ten years? 400 pounds and 60-inch pant in mid to late forties?

With the right WHY, any HOW is possible.



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