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Success is not a straight line, why expect a lifestyle transition to be?

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

You’ve likely seen this image or a similar one. This topic came up in a recent MODA Workshop in how we typically picture success as perfectly linear, lol.

This analogy also holds true in our journey: it’s unlikely it will be a straight downward line. I realize that’s how it’s typically touted. That’s the interpretation we get from those before and after photos. We don’t see or realize what happens in between those two images. Not to mention that after shot is a mere millisecond in time. The journey is continuous and ever evolving.

There will likely be times in our lives where “stuff” happens, we get side-tracked, and the commitment we may have had with wellness may drift or get derailed altogether.

The last 18 months have been a tumultuous time for many; thankfully we appear to be turning a corner for good. If you have struggled with weight and/or food habits may have crept back into the picture, I encourage you to look forward. At times our journey may look daunting, be frustrating, twisting in unexpected ways. Prioritize your health. Have patience. Believe. Be kind to yourself. Have courage. Keep going. You are worth it.




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