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Updated: Mar 13

Since the release of Follow Me - a documentary film on long-term sustained weight loss - it has received countless accolades from viewers and critics alike. Today, I'm delighted to share with you that the success of this project continues. Since being released on my YouTube Channel in late August 2021, it has achieved over 100,000 views. From the outset of this project, it was the intention of the entire team to provide a message of hope to those trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle and I'm incessantly grateful to everyone who contributed to this project, both on and off camera. Their invaluable contributions made this dream a reality. Learn more about the origins of the film here. Despite there being no shortage of diets available on the internet, many have shared with me feelings of despair, or how they are seeking a ‘diet’ to follow. Follow Me features the stories of 16 people that invested in themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. It explores that when we move into a state of nurturing ourselves using these three attributes, the 'diet' will follow. While parts of their journey to a healthier 'me' were discovered relatively easy by some, others found themselves bouncing from one methodology to another but ultimately, each person found a sustainable path that worked for them. Please feel free to take in the film for FREE using this link or the link below. Be sure to like, subscribe, share and provide your commentary on the film.

Wishing you a Healthy 2022 and Beyond.

Follow Me The Documentary Film on Sustained Weight Loss




He lost 130 pounds in 2010-11 and has kept it off ever since.

Tony's Shift happened early 2010 inside the change room of a Big & Tall Clothing store. He lost 130 pounds in 16 months and has successfully maintained his weight since.

He detested the reflection he saw in the mirror to the point that he removed all full-length mirrors from his home. He cringed when he was referred to as a “big guy.” His obesity caused him to be treated as a second-class citizen. Reality began to set in. Gaining “just a few pounds” every year, until he started to fear for his future.

He was 37 with a host of medical issues: Type II diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, gout, joint pain, constant indigestion, and acid reflux. Simple tasks like putting on socks, climbing a flight of stairs, fitting into an airplane seat or booth at a restaurant, and getting out of bed became big challenges for him. Every afternoon he would have a sugar crash, leaving him with little energy to get through the rest of the day. He was always sweaty and tired. He began avoiding the outdoors and eventually just avoiding life.

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