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A Conversation About Transformation

For many, if not all of us who embark on the weight loss journey, the focus tends to be on diet and losing weight. Much of the attention is on external change, a person's appearance and the diet or method of choice. At the core of long-term, sustained weight loss is an internal transformation.

Join Mike Harrington, Healthy Living Advocate, of Mike Inspires Me and Tony Vassallo, Man on Nutrition Mission™ and Founder of MODA Nutrition Inc., as they discuss Mike’s seven keys to his lifestyle transformation of shedding over 200 pounds 7 years ago.


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200 Pounds Lost, 6 Years Sustaining. Mike Shares His 7 Keys to His Transformation.

When Mike first embarked on his weight loss journey, he had no idea it would lead to his becoming an inspiration to people. It makes sense now, but at the time the only thing on his mind was just losing the weight so I could be “normal” sized. He was tired of being a spectacle. Not to mention all of the health issues he was accumulating over time. Bring Your Questions!


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