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The name struck me sitting in back of a packed bus as the sun began to set on a lovely evening in February 2015 along the waterfront promenade in my hometown of Sliema, Malta.

As we paused at a bus stop for an extended period of time picking up new passengers, I watched a middle-aged man through the window trying to squeeze into a jacket that was a couple sizes too small in a store called MODA Suits. Not much different than me trying to squeeze into a pair of pants in March 2010 at a big & tall clothing store. Hence MODA Nutrition was born on that bus, thus continuing my mission to help people on their journey towards heathier living. In Maltese and Italian moda means “cool” or “fashionable.” It’s my enduring passion to promote this way of eating, making the transition towards a healthier lifestyle, in vogue as I have since 2010. I invite you to embrace this lifestyle as many have successfully at MODA.

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The Man on a Nutrition Mission

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“Passion is oxygen of the soul.”

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-Bill Butler

His enduring passion is helping individuals achieve a healthy weight for life without depriving.

Tony left a 15 year career in Information Technology to help others find their way to sustained weight loss freedom and became an avid proponent of eating whole unprocessed foods.

This has made Tony the Man on a Nutrition Mission™.

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was born in the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta and grew up in East York, a suburb of Toronto. Tony loves to travel, devoted power walker, cycling, and is an avid reader and documentary watcher in his free time.

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It's not my work it's my passion typed w
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"Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate."

-Jon Bon Jovi

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