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Now Hybrid Attendance
Some in Person Others On Line

MODA Remote (COVID-19): About

MODA Remote or In Person Support

In Person Meetings Take Place at 3850 Lakeshore BLVD West, Toronto, ON
Browns Line & Lakeshore

Weekly Remote Meetings

Every Saturday Morning
9:30 to 10:30 AM EST

Experience the power of a group. Zoom into our weekly support group meetings.

One-on-One Support

Customized, Client-Focused 
One-on-One Support

Ongoing remote coaching, accountability using various methods such as weekly or monthly weighing in or a combination, I'm here to help you in the way you need it.

The MODA Online Cafe

A Pop-In Weight Loss Community

Stay connected to a community of like-minded individuals.

Tony Cooks Sessions

Cooking Demo's
Informative, Fun & Interactive

These online sessions focus on using real food to flavour real food. 

Tony Cooks Sessions are offered to both MODA Members and non members. Learn More Here

MODA Remote (COVID-19): Our Programs
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The Men of MODA

Success Stories & Testimonials

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MODA Remote (COVID-19): Benefits
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Meet Carlos

I may be 74 but I Feel 34!

I have been overweight all my life. I’ve lost weight many times, mostly through starvation or fear and sometimes badgering induced upon me by my weight loss program. I have never been able to keep any weight off for more than a year. MODA is different. Tony talks to members whereas other programs I’ve been on talk down to members.

I have been able to lose 55 pounds and no longer need any of the medications that held me hostage for the last twenty years.

Tony taught me how to eat REALLY well, no dieting, calorie counting or crazy restricted portions. He teaches sustained weight loss in an easy-to-understand way. MODA allowed the opportunity for my wife to be part of the process and she has lost weight too—25 pounds and kept if off almost three years—not to mention she’s off her medications. We eat better and, in many circumstances, more than before, and we have a clear understanding of what is processed food and what is real food. Tony cuts through all the nutritional confusion and has a gift of teaching that makes it fun to learn. He doesn’t judge, he’s here to guide us.

I’m approaching my third year of maintaining my weight loss without any fluctuations.

In fact, over a year ago I had was in what could have been fatal accident. Even though I am over 70 years old I was able to recover at twice the rate of guys half my age. The doctors were amazed and they attributed my speedy recovery to my overall health prior to the accident. I may be 70 but I feel like I’m in my thirties. From my wife and I: A big thank you for giving us the opportunity to truly enjoy our retirement. Mucho gracias!

Carlos & Sofija Durney, Toronto, ON

Retired Tradesperson

Online Cooking Demos

Available to MODA Members & Non Members

Check One Out...

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Multiple Sessions a Month

Tony Cooks Demo 
Using Real Food to Flavour Real Food.

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The MODA Meal Plan is a Microbial Methodology to Weight Control.

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Customized, Client-Focused Support

You are not a widget and I won't treat you like one

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