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Weight Loss for Men

It's Different

By Tony Vassallo

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Yielding to change

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The first issue us guys face is EGO.

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I encourage men to realize asking for help is not a sign of weakness but in fact the ultimate a sign of strength. Refusing to ask for directions is one thing- playing roulette with our health is scary scenario.

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"We're raised to believe that asking for help - that not having all the answers - is a sign of weakness, somehow challenging our manhood."

Tony Goldwyn

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Societal Acceptance

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Another major difference between weight loss for men is societal acceptance. Although there has been a slight shift towards men’s appearance and health in the last several years it’s still more accepted for a male to be overweight or obese than a female.

Think about the way we still use the term big guy, which is a diplomatically correct way of saying fat guy. Many wouldn’t think twice of saying Hey Big Guy how ya doing?

At the same time I have had many of my male clients tell me how they feel being overweight has caused them to be overlooked towards career development and financial advancement because they are overweight. Some have even shared how they many have been treated differently in person with clients than over the telephone when they see them for the first time.

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I experienced the bias, it wasn’t until I lost the weight I realized to the extent of bias exists towards obese people. Strangers tend to smile, say hello and make eye contact with me as a slender fellow, opposed to the days he was carrying an additional 130 pounds when people tended to look away.

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"You can't out run your fork." ~Yoni Freedhoff

Men tend to think they can sweat it off.

Exercise is not the solution to weight l
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Men vs. Woman

Weight Loss for Men

It's Different

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Most programs are geared towards women. Many weight loss meal plans are designed for women with some minor tweaks for men. While many weight loss meal plans are restrictive (eating twigs and leaves), require calories counting, or outright starvation not at MODA For Men. The MODA  Meal Plan is geared towards weight loss for men. Tony has devoted the last several years developing a meal plan that is flexible and sustainable for men. The MODA Weight Loss Meal Plan does not eliminate any macronutrients. It includes a heathy balance of protein, complex carbohydrates, and dietary fats. The weight loss meal plan focuses on food quality over quantity at proper intervals.

Lastly, guys prefer to be chat and work with a male weight loss coach or mentor and who himself has been in their shoes.

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MODA For Men

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